Cory Avrutis

Current Studies

I am currently working on my master's Thesis with plans to defend in Fall 2024 or Spring 2025. My topic aims to reduce overheads introduced by the SCALE ISA through the use of function inlining at the assembly code level.


I took my first programming course in high school and then went on to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at Florida State Univsersity. In Summer 2022 began an Undergraduate Researcher position within the Department of Computer Science, studying advanced compilation techniques under the guidance of Dr. David Whalley. I am currently assisting on the SCALE project funded by the National Science Foundation . I am also assisting on a project on in-memory redundancy exploitation, in collaboration with Michigan Technological University and Norwegian University of Science and Technology.


Most of my coursework at Florida State University has been implemented using C. I am very comfortable with the language and prefer it over its superset language C++.
C++ is a powerful language, as I have taken multiple courses with C++ as its core programming language. Experience with many data structures within the STL, with projects analyzing complexity of student built data structures.
I started programming with a Java in high school, then went on to take an advanced Java course in college. Considering my exposure to the language, I am an intermediate Java programmer, with a solid understanding of the concepts fundamental to the language.
Sufficient exposure to C#, as was one of the languages taught in my .NET Development course. I can code in C# efficiently and have written a numerous amount of C# programs ranging from small, simple programs to Microsoft Access database management programs.
I took one college level web page development course which has since taught me all the fundamentals of coding in HTML. It is a very powerful language but different than all other programming languages. I mainly struggle with the CSS and design aspects of creating websites.
Programming Hands