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Computer Architecture Survey Paper 2022
This is a short survey paper discussing various topics regarding energy optimizations on pipelined processors.

MIPS Pipelined Processor Simulator
Program written in C to simulate a pipeline in a MIPS processor. It diplays all register, data memory, and pipeline register values for each processor cycle as each instruction moves through the pipeline.

Memory Hierarchy Simulator
This program simulates a cached memory system which includes the simulation of Instruction Cache, Data Cache, Data Translation Lookaside Buffer, Instruction Translation Lookaside Buffer, and Page Table. The simulator takes in a string of addresses which are tagged as either read/write operation to Data or Instructions.The simulator can take different configurations for each functional unit within the memory system and supports virtual addressing. It will print various statistics about the simulation run, for example, the number of hits and misses in the TLB's.

Small Compiler
Working with my partner, we put together throughout a semester, a small functional compiler for a limited imperative programming language. This includes lexical analysis using flex, semantic analysis using bison, type checking, Abstrat Syntaxt Tree creation, CFG creation, Intermediate Representation creation, local and global optimizations, and x86 code generation.

OSM project
Open Street Map Project
This project used OSM (Open Street Maps to create a local map of Tallahasse showing a path from any two given nodes. The project required parsing of Node information, latitude, and longitude, and then representing this information as a matrix which is interpreted into the picture above.